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M. Lindner, A. Tresztenyak, G. Fülöp, W. Jahr, A. Prinz, I. Prinz, J. Danzl, G. Schütz, E. Sevcsik:
"A Fast and Simple Contact Printing Approach to Generate 2D Protein Nanopatterns";
Frontiers in Chemistry, 6 (2019), 6551 - 6558.

English abstract:
Protein micropatterning has become an important tool for many biomedical applications
as well as in academic research. Current techniques that allow to reduce the feature
size of patterns below 1μm are, however, often costly and require sophisticated
equipment. We present here a straightforward and convenient method to generate
highly condensed nanopatterns of proteins without the need for clean room facilities
or expensive equipment. Our approach is based on nanocontact printing and allows for
the fabrication of protein patterns with feature sizes of 80 nm and periodicities down to
140 nm. This was made possible by the use of the material X-poly(dimethylsiloxane) (XPDMS)
in a two-layer stamp layout for protein printing. In a proof of principle, different
proteins at various scales were printed and the pattern quality was evaluated by atomic
force microscopy (AFM) and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.

contact printing, protein patterning, nanopatterns, nanofabrication, super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, STED microscopy

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