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H. Hofer, F. Seitner, M. Gelautz:
"An End-to-end System for Real-Time Point Cloud Visualization";
Talk: 2018 International Conference on 3D Immersion (IC3D), Brüssel, Belgien; 2018-12-05 - 2018-12-07; in: "2018 International Conference on 3D Immersion (IC3D)", (2019), ISBN: 978-1-5386-7590-8; 8 pages.

English abstract:
The growing availability of RGB-D data, as delivered by current depth sensing devices, forms the basis for a variety of mixed reality (MR) applications, in which real and synthetic scene content is combined for interaction in real-time. The processing of dynamic point clouds with possible fast and unconstrained movement poses special challenges to the surface reconstruction and rendering algorithms. We propose an
end-to-end system for dynamic point cloud visualization from RGB-D input data that takes advantage of the Unity3D game engine for efficient state-of-the-art rendering and platformindependence. We discuss specific requirements and key components of the overall system along with selected aspects of its implementation. Our experimental evaluation demonstrates that high-quality and versatile visualization results can be obtained for datasets of up to 5 million points in real-time.

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Project Head Margrit Gelautz:
Innovativer Produktions-Workflow für präzise 3D-Szenenrekonstruktion

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