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S. Calzavara, M. Squarcina, R. Focardi, M. Tempesta:
"Surviving the Web: A Journey into Web Session Security (Extended Abstract)";
in: "Proceedings of the 2018 World Wide Web Conference", issued by: International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee Republic and Canton of Geneva, Switzerland 2018; ACM, Schwitzerland, 2018, ISBN: 978-1-4503-5640-4, 451 - 455.

English abstract:
We survey the most common attacks against web sessions, i.e.,attacks which target honest web browser users establishing an au-thenticated session with a trusted web application. We then reviewexisting security solutions which prevent or mitigate the differentattacks, by evaluating them along four different axes: protection,usability, compatibility and ease of deployment. Based on this sur-vey, we identify five guidelines that, to different extents, have beentaken into account by the designers of the different proposals wereviewed. We believe that these guidelines can be helpful for thedevelopment of innovative solutions approaching web security ina more systematic and comprehensive way

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