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C. Bodei, P. Degano, L. Galletta, R. Focardi, M. Tempesta, L. Veronese:
"Language-Independent Synthesis of Firewall Policies";
in: "2018 IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P 2018)", issued by: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ( IEEE ); IEEE, 2018, ISBN: 978-1-5386-4228-3, 92 - 106.

English abstract:
Configuring and maintaining a firewall configura-tion is notoriously hard. Policies are written in low-level,platform-specific languages where firewall rules are inspectedand enforced along non trivial control flow paths. Furtherdifficulties arise from Network Address Translation (NAT),since filters must be implemented with addresses translationsin mind. In this work, we study the problem ofdecompilinga real firewall configuration into an abstract specification.This abstract version throws the low-level details away byexposing the meaning of the configuration, i.e., the allowedconnections with possible address translations. The generatedspecification makes it easier for system administrators to checkif:(i)the intended security policy is actually implemented;(ii)two configurations are equivalent;(iii)updates have thedesired effect on the firewall behavior. The peculiarity of ourapproach is that is independent of the specific target firewallsystem and language. This independence is obtained througha generic intermediate language that provides the typicalfeatures of real configuration languages and that separatesthe specification of the rulesets, determining the destiny ofpackets, from the specification of the platform-dependent stepsneeded to elaborate packets. We present a tool that decompilesreal firewall configurations from different systems into thisintermediate language and uses the Z3 solver to synthesizethe abstract specification that succinctly represents the firewallbehavior and the NAT. Tests on real configurations show thatthe tool is effective: it synthesizes complex policies in a matterof minutes and, and it answers to specific queries in just a fewseconds. The tool can also point out policy differences beforeand after configuration updates in a simple, tabular form.

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