Y. Bayeh, A. Abebe, N.T. Madhu, W. Linert:
"Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activities of new mixed ligand complexes of copper(II) with 1,10-Phenantroline and Thymine";
Journal of Transition Metal Complexes (eingeladen), 2 (2019), 2; S. 1 - 6.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A novel mixed ligand complexes having the formulae [Cu(L1)2(H2O)2]Cl2 and [Cu(L1)2L2(H2O)2]Cl (L1 = 1,10-phenantroline, L2 = Thymine) have been prepared and characterized by various physicochemical studies such as elemental analysis, molar conductance in non-aqueous solvent, infrared and electronic spectra. Both the ligands as well as the metal complexes were used further to investigate the biological activities (antibacterial) against Staphylococcus aureus(SA) (ATCC 25923), Streptococcus pneumonia(SP) (clinical isolate), Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus(MRSA) (clinical isolate), Klebsiella pneumoniae(KP) (clinical isolate), Escherichia coli(EC) (clinical isolate) and Shigella boydii(SBD) (ATCC 12022). On comparing the biological activities, the complexes showed enhanced antimicrobial activity compared to the free metal salt with thymine being lower than that of 1,10-phenanthroline.

Cu(II) complexes; 1,10-phenanthroline; thymine; antimicrobial activity; physicochemical studies.

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