M. Hennig, G. Reisinger, T. Trautner, P. Hold, D. Gerhard, A. Mazak:
"TU Wien Pilot Factory Industry 4.0";
Procedia Manufacturing, 31 (2019), S. 200 - 205.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Driven by present megatrends like digitization and demographic change, Learning Factories all over the world are gaining recognition in science, industry and society. In these collaborative learning environments, students and interested trainees from industry acquire methodological, social and personal competencies for future challenges in production. TU Wien Pilot Factory Industry 4.0 (in short TU PF) is a Pilot, Demonstration and Learning Factory, aiming to provide companies a fundamental insight into Industry 4.0 techniques, applications and associated challenges through exemplary implementation of a digitized production environment as well as subsequent research, workshops and presentations. Thereby a focus is set on information and communication technologies (ICT) particularly, to realize the production of customer-specific products in small lot sizes. In contrast to other Learning Factories, TU PF emphasizes not only on teaching knowledge, but also on the demonstration of novel production concepts as well as the development, implementation and evaluation of prototypes together with industry partners. This paper gives an insight into the current status of TU PF and its consistent information flow from engineering to production.

Pilot Factory, Demonstration Factory, Learning Factory, Continuous Information Flow, Industry 4.0, Digitization, Digital Factory

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