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G. Artner:
"Channel Static Antennas";
Talk: COST CA15104 IRACON 10th MC meeting and 10th technical meeting, Oulu, Finnland; 05-27-2019 - 05-29-2019; in: "COST CA15104 IRACON 10th MC meeting and 10th technical meeting", (2019), 1 - 7.

English abstract:
The possibility to keep wireless communication channels static is investigated. When an antenna is moved away from its position, this will in general cause the channel to change. Considerations suggest that wireless communication channels can be kept static by performing a counter-movement of the antenna to keep it in its original position relative to outside observers. Feasibility is shown for a platform moving in straight motion over a finite distance. The channel is kept static by countering the platform´s movement with physical movement of the antenna in the opposite direction. The experiment is conducted with a quarter-wavelength monopole antenna in the gigahertz range.

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