T. Gebretsadik, W. Linert, N.T. Madhu, T. Berhanu, R. Frew:
"LC-NMR for Natural Products Analysis: A Journey from an Academic Curiosity to a Robust Analytical Tool";
SCI, 1 (2020), 31; S. 1 - 16.

Kurzfassung englisch:
 LC-NMR combines the advantage of the outstanding separation power of liquid chromatography (LC) and the superior structural elucidating capability of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). NMR has proved that it is a standout detector for LC by providing maximum structural information about plant originated extracts particularly in its isolating ability of isomeric (same molecular formula) and/ or isobaric (same molecular weight) compounds as compared to other detectors. The present review provides an overview of the LC-NMR developmental trends and its application in natural products analysis. The di erent LC-NMR operational modes are described, as well as how technical improvements assist in establishing this powerful technique as an important analytical tool in the analysis of complex plant-derived compounds. On-flow, stop-flow and loop-storage modes, as well as the new o ine mode LC-SPE-NMR and capLC-NMR configurations that avoid the ingestion of expensive deuterated solvents throughout the experiment are mentioned. Utilization of cryogenic probe and microprobe technologies which are the other important promising approaches for guaranteeing the sensitivity issues are also described. Concluding remarks and future outlooks are also discussed.

separation technique; spectroscopic technique; hyphenated techniques; LC-NMR; natural products

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