Publications in Scientific Journals:

Z. Popovic, G. Artner, G. Lasser, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"Electromagnetic-Wave Fun Using Simple Take-Home Experiments";
IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, 62 (2020), 2; 100 - 106.

English abstract:
Simple take-home experiments are used at two universities on two continents to spark and expand student interest in the otherwise theoretical coursework in electromag- netic waves and antennas. The students obtain kits from the instructors and can do their experimental homework anytime they like, at home or in a standard undergraduate circuits lab, while combining it with theoretical exercises designed to match the experiments. Topics are covered in the order of electromagnetic wave complexity: (1) uniform plane waves in the optical frequency range with a laser pointer, gelatin and plastic polarizers; (2) frequency selective surfaces for WLAN; (3) non-uniform plane waves in VHF/UHF frequency coaxial cables; (4) quasi-TEM waves in microstrip at UHF frequencies; (5) a "cantenna"; and (6) microwave oven leakage detector.

Electromagnetic waves, antennas, education, experiments

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