Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

L. Urbanová:
"Location Aware Analytics In The Context Of Mobile Network Performance Optimization";
Supervisor: M. Slanina, P. Svoboda; Fakulta Elektrotechniky A Komunikacnich Technologil, 2019; final examination: 05-15-2019.

English abstract:
This thesis deals with the location aware analytics in the context of mobile network performance optimization. A tool which estimates initial network parameters in the location with unknown network performance based on RTR NetTest measurements database is presented. The thesis briefly introduces the topic of big data and machine learning and gives an overview of NetTest application concept and functionality. A set of regression methods is presented and their complexity and suitability for the purposes of coverage maps creation is compared. After their thorough 1D analysis, IDW and GPR are analysed in 2D and used to create a set of estimation maps of network parameters. Evaluation of their accuracy is made based on reference measurements using NetTest application.

GPR, 5G, signal strength

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