Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

A. Ozga:
"Benchmarking of Mobile Cellular Networks at the Cell Edge";
Supervisor: P. Svoboda; Faculty Of Electrical, Electronic, Computer And Control Engineering, 2018; final examination: 12-20-2018.

English abstract:
Development and interconnection of robust data networks have brought the advent of the Internet, a platform on which most of modern communications can occur. In the next stage, the innovators considered this achievement as a starting point for their further efforts - creating new products and services, specifically designed to take advantage of its capabilities. Consequently, the role the Internet plays in our lives will expand even broader. The humanity has become interconnected like it had never been before. New society habits and activities should, therefore, be adequately identified and somehow managed through continuous development of technology, which in many cases requires the implementation of new business and service models that adapt to these changing needs.
At the beginning of the introduction section, the omnipotent presence of the Internet together with its difficult to overestimate role is briefly described. Afterward, universal principles of data networks operation, as well as their infrastructures characteristics are presented. Next paragraphs are dedicated to the actual state of the art concerning Internet connection performance features and their evaluation. The present section also covers detailed problem formulation and scope of the work, ending with possible technological challenges that need to be taken into consideration and properly handled.

Repeatability, Measurement, LTE, RTR, Live Network

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