M. Rauter, A. Schindelegger, T. Thaler, S. Fuchs:
"Deconstructing the legal framework for flood protection in Austria: individual and state responsibilities from a planning perspective";
Water International, 44 (2019), 5; 17 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This article aims to analyze the legal framework for flood risk management in Austria, focusing on planning. Austria´s legal basis for flood risk management is fairly complex because its federal organization involves various administrative bodies and a fragmented legal framework. Regulations are numerous, as are competencies, which poses challenges. Implementation mechan- isms vary between provinces; nevertheless, provincial regulations impose basic regulations regarding the building process. Regulations concerning private protection and mitigation mea- sures for existing buildings are, however, limited.

flood risk management; flood mitigation; planning property rights; resilience

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