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W. Auzinger, J. Burkotova, I. Rachunkova, V. Wenin:
"Numerical exploration of impulsive boundary value problems";
Talk: Workshop on Numerical Solution of Integral and Differential Equations (NSIDE 2019), Gdansk (invited); 2019-07-17 - 2019-07-19.

English abstract:
For the numerical solution of boundary value problems with state-dependent impulses,
i.e., discontinuities in the solution or its derivative at a priori unknown points,
applying shooting methods is a natural approach. In each step of the shooting iteration
this involves the numerical integration of an impulsive initial value problem.
We show that such a procedure is well-defined under natural conditionson the problem data. Several examples are presented;
we also demonstrate how to adapt this approach to determine the period of a predator-prey model with impulsive effect.

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