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M. Bekos, B. Niedermann, M. Nöllenburg:
"External Labeling Techniques: A Taxonomy and Survey";
Computer Graphics Forum, 38 (2019), 3; 833 - 860.

English abstract:
External labeling is frequently used for annotating features in graphical displays and visualizations, such as technical illustrations,
anatomical drawings, or maps, with textual information. Such a labeling connects features within an illustration by thin leader
lines with their labels, which are placed in the empty space surrounding the image. Over the last twenty years, a large body
of literature in diverse areas of computer science has been published that investigates many different aspects, models, and
algorithms for automatically placing external labels for a given set of features. This state-of-the-art report introduces a first
unified taxonomy for categorizing the different results in the literature and then presents a comprehensive survey of the state of
the art, a sketch of the most relevant algorithmic techniques for external labeling algorithms, as well as a list of open research
challenges in this multidisciplinary research field.

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