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L. Pichlhöfer, G. Mikusch, H. Tellioglu:
"Pocobo - Collecting air pollution data with a bicycle mounted device";
Talk: Velo-City 2019 international cycling conference, Dublin, Ireland; 2019-06-25 - 2019-06-28.

English abstract:
The reduction of global warming gases is a key objective of climate policy of the European union for coming decades . There is a great variety of strategies for achieving this such as forcing renewable energies and reducing the CO2 emission of cars. Our approach to this field is to increase awareness among urban residents, through motivating cyclists to capture air pollution data while riding through the city.

Therefore, we develop a device which can be easily mounted on a bicycle and collects several kinds of air-pollution values such as CO2, NOx, as well as the amount of particulate matter. The device further includes a GPS-Tracker and an outgoing connection to a cellular network to send the data to a server for further processing. The design process of our device follows the principles of user centred design where the continuous collaboration with potential users is the key factor. In each design step users are asked to co-design the appearance of the artefact itself as well as the interaction with the device and connected online services. Through this we are able to develop a system which provides high usability and is tailored to the daily routines of cyclists.

The GPS based collection of air pollution data through a crowd of many urban cyclists eventually allows us to visualize this data in various forms. For example, the information can be made publicly available via a digital city map that shows the polluted air. Public displays can be used to show the collected data and awareness is being built among urban residents and visitors. Furthermore, the importance of the topic is raised in the perception of everyone, young and old, and might change their mobility behaviour.

air polition, sensor technologies, CO2 emission, Tangible User Interface, interaction design

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