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L. Yao, X. Wang, Q. Sheng, S. Dustdar, S. Zhang:
"Recommendations on the Internet of Things: Requirements, Challenges, and Directions";
IEEE Internet Computing, Volume 23 (2019), Issue 3; 46 - 54.

English abstract:
The Internet of Things (IoT) is accelerating the growth of data available on the Internet, which makes the traditional search paradigms incapable of digging the information that people need from massive and deep resources. Furthermore, given the dynamic nature of organizations, social structures, and devices involved in IoT environments, intelligent and automated approaches become critical to support decision makers with the knowledge derived from the vast amount of information available through IoT networks. Indeed, IoT is more desirable of an effective and efficient paradigm of "proactive discovering" rather than postactive searching. This paper discusses some of the important requirements and key challenges to enable effective and efficient thing-of-interest recommendation and provides an array of new perspectives on IoT recommendation.

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