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I. Paulmichl, C. Adam, D. Adam:
"Analytical modeling of the stick-slip motion of an oscillation drum";
Acta Mechanica, 230 (2019), 3103 - 3126.

English abstract:
In this paper, a lumped parameter model of the interacting oscillation roller-subsurface system is proposed. The main aim of the model is to predict the response acceleration of the roller drum during nearsurface compaction of non-cohesive soils. The compaction process of the soil itself is not captured, but different degrees of compaction are considered by varying the soil stiffness. The roller is represented by the oscillation drum and its viscoelastic connection to the roller frame. In the chosen modeling strategy, the curvature of the soil surface below the drum is prescribed. In this way, also the vertical drum acceleration can be computed. The discrete subsoil model consists of a vertical and a horizontal Kelvin-Voigt element. Contact between drum and soil surface is described by means of dry friction according to Coulombīs law. As such, the stick-slip motion of the drum can be simulated. In the stick phase, pure rolling between drum and soil surface is assumed. The highly nonlinear equations of motion of this three degrees-of-freedom model are derived separately for the stick and the slip phase of the motion. Selective numerical studies show that this model captures the fundamental response characteristics of the dynamic drum-subsoil interacting system observed in the field.

Analytical modeling, oscillation drum, stick-slip motion

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