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Ch. Frauenberger, P. Purgathofer:
"Ways of Thinking in Informatics";
Communications of the ACM, 62 (2019), 7; 58 - 64.

English abstract:
An innovative, entry-level informatics course enables students to ponder CS problems in different ways, from different perspectives.
Computer science has changed. Technology is now intimately entangled with people and society, which requires us to rethink how we equip students to shape our technological futures.
˽ To counter narrow conceptions of problem solving, we present a CS course that offers students the diverse lenses through which we can engage with technology. Ways of thinking include scientific, computational, designerly, critical, creative, responsible, economical and criminal thinking.
˽ As a first-year course of a computer science program, we reach 700+ students each year. Despite the logistical challenges, we argue that it is a great opportunity to empower so many of our students to see everything they hear subsequently from more than one side.

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