I. Paulmichl, C. Adam, D. Adam:
"Simulation of the stick-slip motion of an oscillatory roller";
PAMM - Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2019 (2019), e201900245; S. 1 - 2.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A three degrees-of-freedom (3DOF) lumped parameter model (LPM) of the oscillatory roller-soil interaction system is presented that captures the stick-slip motion of the drum during near-surface compaction of non-cohesive soils. The deformed soil below the drum is predefined as a rigid curved asymmetric guiding track (i.e. the compaction process in the soil is not simulated), supported by a vertical and horizontal Kelvin-Voigt element, to predict also the vertical drum accelerations as observed in situ. The solution of this model, found by switching between the sets of highly nonlinear ODEs for the stick and slip phase, is compared with recorded and numerically simulated (Finite Element model) drum responses.

Oscillatory roller, stick-slip motion, FEM, soil dynamics

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