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P. Steinbauer, S. Orman, C. Hofstetter, M. Schwentenwein, G. Russmüller, J. Stampfl, R. Liska, S. Baudis:
"Tough photopolymers as customized biocompatible scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration";
Talk: New Frontiers in Biofabrication: From Biomolecules to Tissues and Organs, Leuven, Belgium; 09-17-2019 - 09-18-2019.

English abstract:
Digital light processing stereolithography (DLP-SLA) provides the opportunity to manufacture biocompatible patient specific materials for bone tissue engineering approaches. Highly crosslinked state of the art materials based on (meth)acrylate resins cannot meet the high requirements concerning mechanical properties and biocompatibility. Novel vinyl ester (VE) monomer systems enable precisely manufactured customized scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration.
VE-based systems were investigated and compared to (meth)acrylate benchmark systems.[1] Thiol-ene chemistry, new synthesized VEs and additives were established to increase reactivity and mechanical properties, especially thoughness.[2,3] The properties of the photopolymers were analyzed by photorheology, mechanical tests and degradation experiments.[3]

Thiol-ene chemistry demonstrated to be a suitable tool to increase resin reactivity and improve the mechanical performance of the photopolymers due to its network regulation capabilities. In order to use DLP-SLA as advanced 3D printing technique a defined inner and outer structure can be constructed. Preliminary in vivo studies with these scaffolds over 12 weeks showed no inflammation, ongoing biodegradation and excellent vascularization.

Discussion and Conclusions
Tough 3D printable scaffolds based on VE polymers are well suited as screwable implants for bone tissue regeneration with excellent biocompatibility and biodegradation behavior.

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Digital light processing stereolithography (DLP-SLA), biocompatible patient specific materials for bone tissue engineering approaches, Novel vinyl ester (VE) monomer systems

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