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A. Psenner:
"Urban growth and urban expansion measures in late 19th century Europe. Analysis of the of the situation concerning the city of Rome with reference to the Viennese Gründerzeit-developments";
Vortrag: 9th AISU Congress: The Global City. The urban condition as a pervasive phenomenon, University of Bologna; 11.09.2019 - 14.09.2019; in: "9th AISU Congress: The Global City. The urban condition as a pervasive phenomenon", (2020), 8 S.

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In 19th century Europe the architectural urban planning style seems to follow similar guidelines everywhere. So, the Gründerzeit style as we know it from the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy (and especially from Vienna) can be compared to certain urban developments of the late Ottocento in Rome. What led the similarity in town planning approaches and where do we recognise dissimilarities? Were equivalent or even identical regulations valid in the different cities? In which way do the implementations of national urban design strategies differ and where did the institutionalisation of town planning lead to similar outcomes? Did the topographic and climatic conditions have a mayor impact?
The paper will address some of these questions and pursue the goal of better understanding the "Gründerzeit style" as an internationally valid answer to the political, social and architectonical circumstances of the time.

19th century Urban Design, Vienna, Rome

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