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M. Roman, D. Weichselbaum, B. Hinterleitner, S. Steiner, O. Sologub, B. Stöger, E. Bauer, V. Babizhetskyy, B.Ya. Kotur, H. Michor:
"Single crystal studies of CDW physics in quasi-1D metals RNiC2";
Poster: International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems 2019 (SCES '19), Okayama, Japan; 2019-09-23 - 2019-09-28.

English abstract:
Ternary carbides RNiC2 (R = La, .. Lu, Y) and RCoC2 (R = Nd, .. Lu) crystallize in the non-centrosymmetric orthorhombic CeNiC2-type structure, space group Amm2. These compounds attracted attention already for two decades, because of various interesting properties such as exotic superconductivity in LaNiC2, observation of charge density wave (CDW) formation related to quasi-one-dimensional electronic features and Fermi surface nesting in RNiC2 with R = Pr, ..., Lu, Y, and, finally, a complex interplay of CDW ordering and rare earth magnetism in RNiC2 (see Ref. [1] for a review). Most recently, an unusually large non-saturating magneto-resistance was reported for polycrystalline YNiC2 and LuNiC2 [2].
Here, we report on crystal growth, crystallographic characteristics, magnetic and electronic properties studied by magnetization, specific heat and electrical resistivity as well as comprehensive orientation dependent magneto-resistance measurements with focus on systems without rare earth magnetism: LuNiC2 [3] and YNiC2. Our experimental studies on YNiC2 and LuNiC2 single crystals are supplemented by DFT electronic structure studies aiming to reveal Fermi surface features related to CDW ordering as well as interrelations between features of electronic transport properties and the Fermi surface topology.

[1] V. Babizhetskyy, B. Kotur, V. Levytskyy, H. Michor, Chapter 298: Alloy systems and compounds containing rare earth metals and carbon, in: J.-C.G. Bünzli, V.K. Pecharsky (Eds.), Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths, Vol. 52, North-Holland, Amsterdam, pp. 1-263. (2017).
[2] K. K. Kolincio, M. Roman, T. Klimczuk, arXiv:cond-mat/905.02919 (2019).
[3] S. Steiner, H. Michor, O. Sologub, B. Hinterleitner, F. Höfenstock, M. Waas, E. Bauer, B. Stöger, V. Babizhetskyy, V. Levytskyy, B. Kotur, Phys. Rev. B 97, 205115 (2018).

charge density wave, crystal structure, electronic properties, RNiC2

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