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L. Ribeiro, S. Schwarz, A. Almeida:
"Double-sided massive MIMO transceivers for mmWave communications";
IEEE Access, 7 (2019), 157667 - 157679.

English abstract:
We propose practical transceiver structures for double-sided massive multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) systems. Unlike standard massive MIMO, both transmit and receive sides are equipped with high-dimensional antenna arrays. We leverage the multi-layer filtering architecture and propose novel layered transceiver schemes with practical channel state information requirements to simplify the complexity of our double-sided massive MIMO system. We conduct a comprehensive simulation campaign to investigate the performance of the proposed transceivers under different channel propagation conditions and to identify the most suitable strategy. Our results show that the covariance matrix eigenfilter design at the outer transceiver layer combined with maximum eigenmode transmission precoding/minimum mean square error combining at the inner transceiver layer yields the best achievable sum rate performance for different propagation conditions and multi-user interference levels.

Double-sided massive MIMO, transceiver design, mmWave communications, multi-layer filtering

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