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M. Karner, R. Glawar, W. Sihn, K. Matyas:
"An industry-oriented approach for machine condition-based production scheduling";
Procedia CIRP, 81 (2019), 938 - 943.

English abstract:
Condition Monitoring (CM) and production planning and scheduling (PPS) are well-known and broadly discussed topics. Considering a machine´s condition within short-term PPS may lead to a more realistic model of a production system and is therefore supporting production planners at their complex tasks of scheduling and sequencing. Despite the foreseeable benefits, integration of CM and PPS has been largely neglected in the literature of production management. This paper provides a technique for measuring machine conditions appropriate for an integration within PPS which is applied at an industrial use-case. Hence, the paper contributes to the development of condition-based PPS.

production planning and scheduling; condition monitoring; condition-based scheduling

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