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D. Ceneda, T. Gschwandtner, S. Miksch:
"You get by with a little help: The effects of variable guidance degrees on performance and mental state";
Visual Informatics, 3 (2019), 4; 177 - 191.

English abstract:
Since it can be challenging for users to effectively utilize interactive visualizations, guidance is usually provided to assist users in solving tasks. Guidance is mentioned as an effective mean to overcome stall situations occurring during the analysis. However, the effectiveness of a peculiar guidance solution usually varies for different analysis scenarios. The same guidance may have different effects on users with (1) different levels of expertise. The choice of the appropriate (2) degree of guidance and the type of (3) task under consideration also affect the positive or negative outcome of providing guidance. Considering these three factors, we conducted a user study to investigate the effectiveness of variable degrees of guidance with respect to the userīs previous knowledge in different analysis scenarios. Our results shed light on the appropriateness of certain degrees of guidance in relation to different tasks, and the overall influence of guidance on the analysis outcome in terms of userīs mental state and analysis performance.

GuidanceUser studyKnowledgeTrustMixed-initiativeVisual data analysis

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