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W. Dvorak, M. Järvisalo, T. Linsbichler, A. Niskanen, S. Woltran:
"Preprocessing Argumentation Frameworks via Replacement Patterns";
Talk: JELIA 2019 - 16th Edition of the European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence, Rende, Kalbrien, Italien; 2019-05-07 - 2019-05-11; in: "Logics in Artificial Intelligence - 16th European Conference, {JELIA} 2019, Proceedings", Springer, 11468 (2019), ISBN: 978-3-030-19569-4; 116 - 132.

English abstract:
fast-growing research direction in the study of formal argumentation
is the development of practical systems for central reasoning
problems underlying argumentation. In particular, numerous systems for
abstract argumentation frameworks (AF solvers) are available today, covering several argumentation semantics and reasoning tasks. Instead of proposing another algorithmic approach for AF solving, we introduce in this paper distinct AF preprocessing techniques as a solver-independent approach to obtaining performance improvements of AF solvers. We establish a formal framework of replacement patterns to perform local simplifications that are faithful with respect to standard semantics for AFs. Moreover, we provide a collection of concrete replacement patterns. Towards potential applicability, we employ the patterns in a preliminary empirical evaluation of their influence on AF solver performance.

Abstract argumentation · Preprocessing · Extension enumeration

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Neue Werkzeuge für graphenbasierte formale Argumentation

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