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W. Dvorak, S. Woltran, J. Fandinno:
"On the expressive power of collective attacks";
Argument & Computation, 10 (2019), 2; 191 - 230.

English abstract:
In this paper, we consider argumentation frameworks with sets of attacking arguments (SETAFs) due to Nielsen and Parsons, an extension of Dung´s abstract argumentation frameworks that allow for collective attacks. We first provide a comprehensive analysis of the expressiveness of SETAFs under conflict-free, naive, stable, complete, admissible, preferred, semi-stable, and stage semantics. Our analysis shows that SETAFs are strictly more expressive than Dung AFs. Towards a uniform characterization of SETAFs and Dung AFs we provide general results on expressiveness which take the maximum degree of the collective attacks into account. Our results show that, for each k > 0 , SETAFs that allow for collective attacks of k + 1 arguments are more expressive than SETAFs that only allow for collective attacks of at most k arguments.

Abstract argumentation, SETAF, collective attacks, expressiveness

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