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Y. Zhang:
"A Review of the Smart Sustainable Cities Research in China";
Talk: The e-Future of Cities, Belgrad, Serbien (invited); 10-24-2019 - 10-25-2019; in: "The e-Future of Cities: Between Temptations of Exponential Technology Growth and the Concept of Human City", Eigenverlag, Belgrad (2019), ISBN: 978-86-6283-084-5; 325 - 333.

English abstract:
Smart city, as a concept from the western countries, has been experiencing its rapid development both in theoretical research and practical application in the western world. With intense policy support from the Chinese central government from 2012 on, many cities in China also embrace this concept and apply it as a strategy for increasing their competitiveness. Many of them have rapid growth in economy and population; they are experiencing a proactive transformation towards a smart city. However, it is questionable if these cities are following the sustainable development concept, which is set as a basic national development policy in China since 1995, or not. With an extensive literature review of relevant research papers, a picture absout smart sustainable cities research in China is drawn. Both papers written in Chinese and English are selected and analysed. The analysis shows that smart sustainable cities research in China have not receive enough attention in research. Most research absout smart citie in China focuses more on the information and communication technologies. Further, a few representative smart city assessment indexes are seleced and compared to a smart sustainable city index. The comparison offers an explanation about how much the current smart cities in China are on or off the road towards the smart sustainable city concept. The findings of this paper call for more attention to sustainable development concepts from researchers, planners, and decision makers in smart city relevant research, projects, and decisions in China.

smart city, smart sustainable city, sustainable development, review, China

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