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T. Geibinger, H. Tompits:
"Characterising Relativised Strong Equivalence with Projection for Non-ground Answer-Set Programs";
Talk: JELIA 2019 - 16th Edition of the European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence, Rende, Kalabrien, Italien; 2019-05-07 - 2019-05-11; in: "Logics in Artificial Intelligence - 16th European Conference, {JELIA} 2019, Proceedings", Springer, 11468 (2019), ISBN: 978-3-030-19569-4; 542 - 558.

English abstract:
Starting with the seminal work on strong equivalence by Lifschitz,
Pearce, and Valverde, many different advanced notions of program
equivalence have been studied in the area of answer-set programming
(ASP). In particular, relativised strong equivalence with projection has been introduced as a generalisation of strong equivalence by parameterising,on the one hand, the alphabet of the context programs used for checking program equivalence as well as, on the other hand, allowing the filtering of auxiliary atoms. Like many other advanced equivalence notions, it was introduced originally for propositional programs, along with model-theoretic concepts providing characterisations when equivalence between two programs hold. In this paper, we extend these concepts and characterisations to the general case of non-ground programs.

Answer-set programming Program equivalence Model-theoretic characterisations

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