A. Alqahtani, E. Solaiman, P. Patel, S. Dustdar, R. Ranjan:
"Service level agreement specification for end‐to‐end IoT application ecosystems";
Software: Practice and Experience, Volume 49 (2019), Issue 12; S. 1689 - 1711.

Kurzfassung englisch:
With an ever‐increasing variety and complexity of Internet of Things (IoT) applications delivered by increasing numbers of service providers, there is a growing demand for an automated mechanism that can monitor and regulate the interaction between the parties involved in IoT service provision and delivery. This mechanism needs to take the form of a contract, which, in this context, is referred to as a service level agreement (SLA). As a first step toward SLA monitoring and management, an SLA specification is essential. We believe that current SLA specification formats are unable to accommodate the unique characteristics of the IoT domain, such as its multilayered nature. Therefore, we propose a grammar for a syntactical structure of an SLA specification for IoT. The grammar is built based on a proposed conceptual model that considers the main concepts that can be used to express the requirements for hardware and software components of an IoT application on an end‐to‐end basis. We followed the goal question metric approach to evaluate the generality and expressiveness of the proposed grammar by reviewing its concepts and their predefined lists of vocabularies against two use cases with a considerable number of participants whose research interests are mainly related to IoT. The results of the analysis show that the proposed grammar achieved 91.70% of its generality goal and 93.43% of its expressiveness goal.

IoT, service level agreement, SLA specification

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