C. Schwaer, J. Hofmann, M. Mühlpfordt, A. Frank, L. Gröll:
"Modular simulation model for falling film evaporators with novel approach to manage dominant time-varying transport delays";
Computers & Chemical Engineering, 132 (2020), 106604; 14 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A modular simulation model of the evaporator is developed by dividing it into design-independent subsystems. By introducing this modularity, numerous different evaporator designs, system parameters, operating points or control concepts can be configured and simulated. The plant operation or design can therefore be easily tested and costs for staff and experiments can be particularly reduced.
A large challenge to create valid simulation tools consists of modeling the product transport within connecting pipes and during the evaporation process within the tubes, which in a dynamic process both lead to time-varying delays. As previously published models only include constant transport delays, they are disadvantageous to simulate real plant operation. In order to improve the simulation validity, a detailed dynamic full plant model is developed, which is able to illustrate dominant time-varying transport delays. A comparison with measured data of an existing falling film evaporator shows the validity of the proposed model.

Falling film evaporatorMechanical vapor recompressionModular simulation modelTime-varying transport delay

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