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I. Haghighi, N. Mehdipour, E. Bartocci, C. Belta:
"Control from Signal Temporal Logic Specifications with Smooth Cumulative Quantitative Semantics";
Talk: 2019 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Nice, France; 2019-12-11 - 2019-12-13; in: "Proc. of CDC 2019: the 2019 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control", IEEE, (2019).

English abstract:
We present a framework to synthesize control
policies for nonlinear dynamical systems from complex temporal
constraints specified in a rich temporal logic called
Signal Temporal Logic (STL). We propose a novel smooth
STL quantitative semantics called cumulative robustness, and
efficiently compute control policies through a series of smooth
optimization problems that are solved using gradient ascent
algorithms. Furthermore, we demonstrate how these techniques
can be incorporated in a model predictive control framework.
The advantages of combining the cumulative robustness
function with smooth optimization methods as well as model
predictive control are illustrated in case studies.

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