Publications in Scientific Journals:

P. Lederer, C. Lehrenfeld, J. Schöberl:
"Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin methods with relaxed H(div)-conformity for incompressible flows Part II";
arXiv.org e-Print archive, 05 (2018), 1805.06787; 20 pages.

English abstract:
The present work is the second part of a pair of papers, considering Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin methods with relaxed H(div)-conformity. The first part mainly dealt with presenting a robust analysis with respect to the mesh size h and the introduction of a reconstruction operator to restore divergence-conformity and pressure robustness using a non conforming right hand side. The aim of this part is the presentation of a high order polynomial robust analysis for the relaxed H(div)-conforming Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin discretization of the two dimensional Stokes problem.

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