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D. Adam:
"DC Tower - Foundation, deep excavation, and dewatering scheme for a 250 m tall high-rise building in Vienna";
Hauptvortrag: IGT-Kolloquium - Selected case studies from geotechnical engineering practice in Europe - Geotechnical design and execution, Zürich; 27.11.2019.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In the lecture, projects of European significance with completely different geotechnical challenges will be presented. The focus is on the geotechnical design of foundations, deep excavations and dewatering schemes. Different concepts will be compared and discussed that all approaches have their justification. The selection process for the geotechnical measures strongly depends on the ground conditions, the building loads, the requirements for the allowable deformations and settlements of the building, but also taking into account technical and economic aspects and the available construction time. In addition to the design aspects, the experience gained during construction will be highlighted in the presentations.

deep foundation, deep excavation, dewatering scheme

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