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W. Wang, S. Klettner, G. Gartner, T. Fian, G. Hauger, A. Angelini, M. Söllner, A. Florack, M. Skok, M. Past:
"Towards a User-Oriented Indoor Navigation System in Railway Stations";
Talk: 15th International Conference on Location Based Services, Wien; 11-11-2019 - 11-13-2019; in: "Adjunct Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Location Based Services (LBS 2019)", G. Gartner, H. Huang (ed.); (2019), 8 pages.

English abstract:
User demand has always been a driving force of indoor navigation
research. In this study, we propose to conceptualise a user-oriented indoor navigation system, with the aim of improving user experience on indoor navigation in railway stations. We firstly conducted a series of stakeholder workshops to identify the most crucial future challenges towards a user-oriented indoor navigation system. Based on the findings from the workshops, a user study in Vienna central railway station was carried out to find out group-specific user needs. In the end, we will conceptualise a holistic indoor navigation
system, considering group-specific user needs and technological innovations.

Indoor Navigation, User Study, Railway Station, LBS

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