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S. Schwarz:
"Dependable Wireless Connectivity for the Society in Motion";
Keynote Lecture: 3rd Wireless Silk Road International Lecture Series on Wireless Communications, Peking (invited); 09-09-2019 - 09-12-2019.

English abstract:
Tomorrow´s society will see hosts of people constantly on the move, commuting between home and work, meeting up with family and friends or visiting shopping centres and leisure facilities. While on their way, these people use mobile devices to connect to the Internet, utilizing journey time for work related tasks, entertainment or socialising in online communities. Current fourth generation cellular networks are, however, not designed to efficiently serve large number of comparatively high mobility users, often causing insufficient service quality while on the move. Machine-type communication will cause further aggravation, with wirelessly connected sensors that constantly
monitor/record our environment and vehicles that autonomously
exchange traffic- and safety-relevant information. In this lecture,
we highlight challenges that must be addressed by future mobile
communications to enable efficient support of large numbers of
highly mobile users in networks that are crowded with quasistatic
(nomadic) users. We survey existing solutions and put special emphasis on open issues and competing priorities.

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