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J. Matschkal, C. Mayer, P. Sarafidis, G. Lorenz, M. Braunisch, R. Guenthner, S. Angermann, D. Steubl, S. Kemmner, Q. Bachmann, C. Hauser, L. Nerl, M. Baumann, J. F. Mann, P. Moog, C. Küchle, L. Renders, U. Heemann, S. Wassertheurer, C. Schmaderer:
"Comparison of 24-hour and Office Pulse Wave Velocity for Prediction of Mortality in Hemodialysis Patients";
American Journal of Nephrology, 49 (2019), 4; 317 - 327.

English abstract:
Background: Mortality in hemodialysis patients still remains unacceptably high. Enhanced arterial stiffness is a known cardiovascular risk factor, and pulse wave velocity (PWV) has proven to be a valid parameter to quantify risk. Recent studies showed controversial results regarding the prognostic significance of PWV for mortality in hemodialysis patients, which may be due to methodological issues, such as assessment of PWV in the office setting (Office-PWV). Method: This study cohort contains patients from the "Risk stratification in end-stage renal disease - the ISAR study," a multicenter prospective longitudinal observatory cohort study.

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