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P. Sarafidis, C. Loutradis, C. Mayer, A. Karpetas, E. Pagkopoulou, A. Bikos, D. Faitatzidou, S. Wassertheurer, C. Schmaderer, V. Liakopoulos, A. Papagianni, G. London:
"Weak within-individual association of blood pressure and pulse wave velocity in hemodialysis is related to adverse outcomes";
Journal of Hypertension, 37 (2019), 11; 2200 - 2208.

English abstract:
Objectives: Hemodialysis patients have premature arterial stiffness, and the relationship between pulse wave velocity (PWV) and blood pressure (BP) may be different than in other hypertensives. Previous studies in such patients showed that when BP decrease is accompanied by PWV decrease the survival is improved. This study examines the prognostic role of the mean BP (MBP)-PWV association for cardiovascular outcomes and all-cause mortality in hemodialysis.

Methods: A total of 242 hemodialysis patients underwent 48-h ambulatory BP monitoring with Mobil-O-Graph-NG and were followed for 33.17 19.68 months. The within-individual MBP-PWV association (MBP, dependent and PWV independent variable) was evaluated using the β-coefficient value from simple linear regression analysis for each patient.

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