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H. W. Yoo, D. Brunner, T. Thurner, G. Schitter:
"Compensation for Temperature Dependency of 1D Position Sensitive Detector";
Talk: SPIE Photonics West 2019, San Francisco, California, USA; 02-02-2019 - 02-07-2019; in: "Advances in Display Technologies IX", SPIE, 10942 (2019), 10 pages.

English abstract:
PSDs are used for fast and precise beam position measurements in various applications such as scanner characterization and scanning probe microscopy. However, PSDs suffer from systematic position sensing errors at high temperatures, limiting the possible application fields for usage of PSDs. This paper investigates temperature dependency of PSDs and its compensation that enables the usability of PSDs in high temperature applications above 60 C. The proposed compensation scheme is explained by the diode leakage current model, which is extended to the given semiconductor device structure of the PSD. For the validation of the proposed method, an experimental PSD characterization setup has been used, showing that the proposed temperature compensation scheme reduces the temperature-induced relative position sensing error from 44.7 % down to 0.2 % for temperatures up to 95 C.

Position sensitive detector (PSD), High temperature operation, Leakage current, Point drift measurement, Reliability test

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