J. Kadi:
"Which cities are studied? Probing the geographical scope of 40 years of gentrification research";
Der Öffentliche Sektor - The Public Sector, 45 (2019), 1; S. 49 - 54.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Picking up on debates about the narrow geographical focus of gentrification research, this paper pro-bes the geographical scope of internationally published gentrification research over the last forty years. While recent critique of geographical selectivity has particularly addressed the Global North/South divide, we focus on differences within the Global North and analyze the relevance of different European capital cities (all EU28 capitals). We conduct a bibliometric analysis based on the SCOPUS database. The analysis is structured along three dimensions: the development of publication output over time across all cities (1), the number of publications on different cities across the whole period of analysis (2) and the development of publications in different cities over time (3). We find a highly skewed distribution of pub-lication output on gentrification in European capital cities, dominated by London and three other West European cities. The longitudinal analysis reveals, however, that the geographical scope has become broader in recent years.

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