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M. Alviano, C. Dodaro, J. Fichte, M. Hecher, T. Philipp, J. Rath:
"Inconsistency Proofs for ASP: The ASP - DRUPE Format";
Talk: ICLP 2019 - 35th International Conference on Logic Programming, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA; 2019-09-20 - 2019-09-25; in: "Theory and Practice of Logic Programming", TPLP, 19 (2019), 891 - 907.

English abstract:
Answer Set Programming (ASP) solvers are highly-tuned and complex procedures that implicitly solve the consistency problem, i.e., deciding whether a logic program admits an answer set. Verifying whether a claimed answer set is formally a correct answer set of the program can be decided in polynomial time for (normal) programs. However, it is far from immediate to verify whether a program that is claimed to be inconsistent, indeed does not admit any answer sets. In this paper, we address this problem and develop the new proof format ASP-DRUPE for propositional, disjunctive logic programs, including weight and choice rules. ASP-DRUPE is based on the Reverse Unit Propagation (RUP) format designed for Boolean satisfiability. We establish correctness of ASP-DRUPE and discuss how to integrate it into modern ASP solvers. Later, we provide an implementation of ASP-DRUPE into the wasp solver for normal logic programs.

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