T. Riel, A. Galffy, G. Janisch, D. Wertjanz, A. Sinn, C. Schwaer, G. Schitter:
"High performance motion control for optical satellite tracking systems";
Advances in Space Research, 65 (2020), 5; 11 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper investigates the motion control system of an optical telescope system used for precision satellite tracking and ranging applications. The system uses direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) for high precision positioning. To overcome the performance limitations due to system dynamics and position dependent plant variations, a disturbance observer based control system is utilized. This paper contributes the detailed analysis, design and implementation of such an advanced control concept for the performance improvement of precision satellite tracking systems. Satellite tracking experiments are conducted to verify the performance of the proposed system. Utilizing the proposed control concept, the RMS servo error is reduced by a factor of 3.8 to well below the arcsecond range, achieving seeing limited tracking.

Satellite Tracking, Precision Motion Control, Space Debris Observation, Satellite Laser Ranging, Optical Satellite Communication, Space Situation Awareness

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