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A. Prokes, J. Blumenstein, J. Vychodil, T. Mikulasek, R. Marsalek, E. Zöchmann, H. Groll, C. Mecklenbräuker, T. Zemen, A. Chandra, H. Hammoud, A. Molisch:
"Multipath Propagation Analysis for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication at 60 GHz";
in: "2019 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC 2019)", IEEE, 2019, ISBN: 978-1-7281-4571-6, 244 - 251.

English abstract:
The paper deals with an analysis of multipath propagation environment in the 60 GHz band using a pseudo- random binary sequence-based time-domain channel sounder with 8 GHz bandwidth. The main goal of this work is to analyze the multipath components (MPCs) propagation between a moving car carrying a transmitter with an omnidirectional antenna and a fixed receiver situated in a building equipped with a manually steered directional horn antenna. The paper briefly presents the time dependence of the dominant MPC magnitudes, shows the effect of the surrounding vegetation on the RMS delay spread and signal attenuation, and statistically evaluates the reflective properties of the road which creates the dominant reflected component. To understand how the MPCs propagate through the channel we measured and analyzed the power and the RMS delay spread distributions in the static environment surrounding the car using an automated measuring system with a controlled receiver antenna tracking system. We give some examples of how the MPC magnitudes change during the antenna tracking and demonstrate that a building and a few cars parked close to the measuring car create a lot of MPCs detectable by the setup with a dynamic range of about 50 dB.

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