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H. Lu:
"Urban Living Labs as a smart city approach: how does socio-technical innovation transform urban development?";
Talk: OpenLivingLab Days 2019, Thessaloniki; 09-03-2019 - 09-05-2019; in: "OpenLivingLab Days 2019 Conference Proceedings", (2019), ISBN: 9789082102796; 475 - 480.

English abstract:
Under the demand of urban sustainable development, the smart city movement has been on stage for more than a decade, with its concept changing and evolving during the time, from a technology- centred model to a more balanced social and technological strategy. Meanwhile, Urban Living Labs (ULLs) came up in recent years as an approach that uses emerging technologies to cope with urban challenges. Nowadays, ULLs often have a focus on citizen participation and social value creation. The linkage between these two concepts are noticed but not clearly elaborated. This paper argued that ULLs could contribute to the
smart city strategy, but there is a lack of investigation on how ULLsī approach is
linked to the socio-technical innovation process in the smart cities. Aiming to explore the nature linkage between these two concepts, this paper tries to raise an analytical model based on literature review and Delphi method survey data from ULLs experts. It is expected that key indicators could be identified to evaluate the socio-technical innovation approach of ULLs, as well as the smart city transition process driven by ULLs.

smart city, urban living lab, socio-technical innovation, urban transition

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