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A. Bucchiarone, N. Dragoni, S. Dustdar, P. Lago, M. Mazzara, V. Rivera, A. Sadovykh (Hrg.):
"Microservices: Science and Engineering";
Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2021, 2020, ISBN: 978-3-030-31645-7; 364 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This book describes in contributions by scientists and practitioners the development of scientific concepts, technologies, engineering techniques and tools for a service-based society. The focus is on microservices, i.e cohesive, independent processes deployed in isolation and equipped with dedicated memory persistence tools, which interact via messages.

The book is structured in six parts. Part 1 "Opening" analyzes the new (and old) challenges including service design and specification, data integrity, and consistency management and provides the introductory information needed to successfully digest the remaining parts. Part 2 "Migration" discusses the issue of migration from monoliths to microservices and their loosely coupled architecture. Part 3 "Modeling" introduces a catalog and a taxonomy of the most common microservices anti-patterns and identifies common problems. It also explains the concept of RESTful conversations and presents insights from studying and developing two further modeling approaches. Next , Part 4 is dedicated to various aspects of "Development and Deployment". Part 5 then covers "Applications" of microservices, presenting case studies from Industry 4.0, Netflix, and customized SaaS examples. Eventually, Part 6 focuses on "Education" and reports on experiences made in special programs, both at academic level as a master program course and for practitioners in an industrial training.

As only a joint effort between academia and industry can lead to the release of modern paradigm-based programming languages, and subsequently to the deployment of robust and scalable software systems, the book mainly targets researchers in academia and industry who develop tools and applications for microservices.

Microservices; SOA; Service-Oriented Architecture; Software Architecture; Model-Driven Software Development; RESTful Services; Software Migration

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