E.S. Prelovskaya, A.G. Levashev, A.U. Michaylov, M. Klamer:
"Development of Complete Street Design Approach for Russian Cities";
News of higher educational institutions, 9 (705) (2017), S. 109 - 117.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The existing urban infrastructure of Russian cities cannotsupport endless increasingmotorization rates, modern solutions for sustainable urban and transport development alsodemand rethinking of street planning and design approach inorder to balance character ofadjacent land use context and mobility behavior. The article describes a proposed approach tocomplete street design for Russian cities, which defines street cross sections taking into accountthe characteristics of the urban environment, street functions as "movement and place". Thisapproach is based on complete street and context sensitive design principles, using the clusteranalysis method to determine the type of development code and according to its characteristicsrecommends the target mode hierarchy and street classes. Bymeans of transport modeling theimpact of street network redesigning solutions on changingtransportation demand is estimatedon the example of Irkutsk city center. The redistribution oftraffic flows indicates decreasingtraffic load of studied area in favor of sustainable transport modes.

transportation planning, green urban mobility,complete street design,cluster analysis, street network modeling

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