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I. Schwaninger:
"Older Adults, Trust and Robots: Reflecting on Older People´s Experiences for Digital Care";
Talk: Jahrestagung 2019: Medien in Kooperation. Data Practices: Recorded, Provoked, Invented, Universität Siegen (invited); 2019-10-24 - 2019-10-26.

English abstract:
Trust can be regarded a key part of care and healthcare, particularly when desiging technology with and for older people. Trust is however multidimensional, and can be challenging to grasp in research, and to operationalize through design. In my talk, I will give an introduction to trust-related research across HCI and CSCW. I will discuss how technology is often seen as a medium for interpersonal communication or collaboration in CSCW or HCI, while recent work in HRI has put technology in the role of a trustee. While the role of robots for (future) digital care have been taken up in the field of human-robot interaction e.g. to support older people´s independence, there is however little work taking into account people´s social practices, or focus on specific sites of matters like care. I will thus raise questions for future work on trust in robots that appear specifically relevant for older people and care. To start from older adults using technology in their everyday lives, I will draw on an ongoing AAL study that involves different kinds of technologies for people to use in their homes over a longer period of time. A qualitative analysis of the data highlights a very different way that trust plays out, not so much around the technology but around people. I will reflect on challenges regarding the design of specific AAL technologies with regards to how they are understood and adopted by older people. Taking the lessons learned from this AAL study, I will move on to the design of future technologies care. Towards this, I will also discuss a card-based method we have started to explore to initiate active conversations with older people on the topic of trust in robots, and raise questions to be addressed in future work with regards to older adults, trust and digital care.

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