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N. Novak, A. Tjoa:
"Towards a business value framework for Linked Enterprise Data";
Talk: 2019 IEEE-RIVF International Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies, Danang, Vietnam; 2019-03-20 - 2019-03-22; in: "RIVF 2019", IEEE, (2019), ISBN: 978-1-5386-9313-1; 94 - 99.

English abstract:
In light of new industry trends and ICT-developments enterprises face an unprecedented amount of data, produced on a daily basis by countless in-house and external ICT-applications and stakeholders. Gaining valuable information and business-insights out of these masses of data has become a true challenge. At the same time, traditional data warehouse and content management systems, involving data silos, relational databases and data warehouses are reaching their limits. Linked Data and Semantic Web Technologies offer a new approach to Enterprise Content Management. Based on graph-based data models and semantic models to establish logical connections between data sources, enterprises can build Linked Enterprise Data Networks (LEDN), incorporating both internal and/or external data sources and allowing users to retrieve documents, information and datasets across entire organizations in a fast and easy manner. To outline the potentials of Linked Enterprise Data Networks this paper presents a framework of relevant business values and aspects to be considered by entrepreneurs, when implementing Linked Data technologies in their business.

Linked data, Semantic Web, Organizations, Publishing, Data models

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