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A. Schöbel, C. Schöbel, J. Blieberger, M. Stefan:
"Benchmark of delays simulated by OpenTrack and calculated by Kronecker Algebra";
Talk: Science and Traffic Development (ZIRP 2019), Opatija; 2019-05-09 - 2019-05-10; in: "Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "The Science and Development of Transport"", Faculty of Transport and Traffic SciencesUniversity of Zagreb, (2019), 371 - 375.

English abstract:
Within the project GoSAFE RAIL, funded by the H2020 Shift2Rail programme with focus on achieving SingleEuropean Railway Area (SERA),one work package is dedicated to the development of an integrated rail network model that will incorporate both infrastructure asset (e.g. crossings, tracks, bridges, tunnels) and traffic (e.g. vehicle, freight and passenger movement) data. Furthermore, the existing OpenTrack model of Zagreb -Rijeka line is used as an input for optimization algorithm based on Kronecker Algebra. Therefore, infrastructure topology is exported in IVT format to cover infrastructure attributes like speed limit, gradients and main signals (home,exit, block). Additionally, the annual timetable is exported in OpenTrack format to create for each train the Kronecker operations. Finally, the simulated output from OpenTrack is compared to results from Kronecker algorithm. Main indicator is the graphical timetable as well as delays of trains in their final destination.

rail traffic flow optimization; scheduling; Kronecker algebra;

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