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M. Horn, G. Raidl:
"Decision Diagram Based Limited Discrepancy Search for a Job Sequencing Problem";
Talk: International Conference on Computer Aided Systems Theory (Eurocast), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain; 2019-02-17 - 2019-02-22; in: "Computer Aided System Theory - EUROCAST 2019", (2019), ISBN: 978-84-09-09208-6; 94 - 95.

English abstract:
In this work we consider the Price-Collecting Job Sequencing with One Com-
mon and Multiple Secondary Resources (PC-JSOCMSR) introduced from [2, 3].
The task is to feasibly schedule a subset of jobs from a given set of jobs. Each job
needs two resources: a common resource for a part of the job's execution time
and a secondary resource for the whole execution time. In addition, each job has
one or more time windows and an associated prize. A feasible schedule requires
that there is no resource used by more than one job at the same time and each
job is scheduled within one of its time windows. Due to the time windows it
may not be possible to schedule all jobs. Therefore we aim to maximize the total
prize over the actually scheduled jobs.

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